Cell Phone Safety

Cell phone safety is a topic widely debated around the world. Millions of dollars is being spent ever year to find out the dangers in using cell phones “if any” The research is to determine whether or not there is a dangerous exposure to radiofrequency energy which could result in cancer.

You may have heard some cell phone manufacturers playing down the exposure as minimal and that the traces of radiofrequency energy exposed from cell phones could not be proven as a health hazard. You will also have heard some cancer research or pharmaceutical companies campaigning for all cell phone manufacturers to issue a warning to all cell phone users regarding the dangerous levels of radiofrequency. We see this type of warning on cigarette boxes.

As cell phones are relatively new we will know exactly how much if any damage they are causing as the years go by, however it is agreed by all that cell phones do give of exposure to radiofrequency and for that reason alone you should take some precautions.

You can eliminate the exposure to your body at a very inexpensive cost. Wearing an earpiece has become very popular and using car kits will reduce the time the cell phone is against your ear. The car kit is also essential for safe driving and in many states and other countries it is against the law to drive and talk on a cell phone at the same time.

Cell phones and children

Apart from the expense aspect children should have limited access to cellular phones. While the debate is going back and forth from cell phone manufacturers and cancer research groups it is best to play it safe. Some countries such as the United Kingdom have recommended that children be limited in using cell phones but this is advertised as a precaution only with no medical evidence supporting the case for cancerous side affects. Children’s brains are still growing and now many countries have advertised precaution only.

The IEC (The International Electrotechnical Commission) in Switzerland has issued guidelines for cell phone manufacturers to measure the amount of radiation that their individual phones release. Medical conventions are held ever year all over the world to try and establish a healthy outcome to all the debates.

Are the cell phone manufacturers making changes?

The cell manufacturers are certainly spending millions on research to provide evidence that radiation levels from cell phones are not harmful. They are bringing out phones that limit radiation but the fact remains that all cell phones currently on the market today omit some radiations. Let’s face it, no cell phone manufacturer is going to come out and tell you that their product may be harmful. If there is no harmful side affects why are cell phone manufacturers constantly trying to bring out new cell phones that omit less radiation? Come to your own conclusion.


Radiation from cellular phones is harmful if enough is administered into the body but the debate remains on how much is omitted from the cell phone and if that level is a danger. What is evident is the fact that since the introduction of cell phones tumor related cancerous diseases have increased. Neurologists in Ireland have expressed concerns over the growing number of neurological patients treated there since the spread of mobiles.

You need to be sensible and limit your exposure. As mentioned before headsets, earpiece and car kits are all ways to avoid dangerous exposure to radiation. It may take many years to come before we see the real results of cell radiation exposure. Look after your children now and do not regret what could be evident in ten or twenty years. Encourage children to send SMS text instead of constantly chatting on the phone.

We all use cell phones and some more than others, they are reliable, convenient and a technological master piece but with all master pieces “handle with care”.

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